Monday, December 24, 2012

Italy To Do List:


October 2012:

Things I want to do before this semester is over:

  • Go to the Mexican food restaurant, Tijuana. 
  • Go to l'apertivo in Florence. (Happy hour)
  • Ride a bike around Florence. 
  • Day trip to Lucca, bike around wall.
  • Go out with Chiara and Italian friends
  • Run down the Arno river (walking down the Arno was good enough)
  • Sit and read a book in Piazzale Michelangelo (Didn't read a book, but I had a good conversation with Annie and Maddie!)

  • Hike to Fiesole (Didn't get to visit, but I took the bus!)
  • Go to Palazzo Pitti (didn't go inside the museum, but got to peak into the courtyard thanks to Chiara)
  • Buy wine, bread and cheese and have a picnic in a park. (Enjoyed a sack lunch in the park with Becca in Fiesole)
  • Go to La Fiorentina Soccer match. 
  • Have a girl's night with Jennifer
  • Order the "Semester Panini" at Desiderio's Cafe
  • Visit the Garcia's in Rapallo (Won't make it to Rapallo, but visited Enrica in Milan instead!)
  • Go wine tasting
Wow! This semester went by so fast! I can't believe all the amazing things I was able to do. I feel so blessed to have had all of those experiences with such great people. Even though I didn't get to do everything that I had on my "To Do List" I still had such a full, wonderful time in Italy. I only wish I had made my "To Do List" at the beginning of the semester (Take note future study-abroaders). The rest of the things I will have to save for my next trip to Europe =]


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