Saturday, January 26, 2013

Walking, Talking, Holding Hands


Today as I was walking home I was greeted by two friends, whom I will call Molly and Jack, walking towards me, holding hands. They are the cutest couple I know! Every time I see them a big grin breaks out on my face.

 Their love for one another is so pure and selfless and glowing with the love of God. I just can't say enough how beautiful of a couple they are. When I see them I don't become aware of my own singleness, but instead feel such joy and love for them and for God. Their relationship is a beautiful example to me of a godly, holy couple. It's an example of God's love!

And then God gave me a beautiful insight that just as I see Molly and Jack walking down the street, holding hands, so too God is walking hand in hand with me. In my heart I know that I am not alone as I walk down this street. Jesus is walking right next to me, holding my hand, letting me lean on Him when I need to, telling me how beautiful I am and how loved I truly am. Wow! The image was so clear! Jesus really is the best boyfriend ever! 

So to all my couple friends out there, thank you for loving each other and being a reminder to everyone of God's love. And to all of my single friends, when you feel alone and want to be walking with a loved one, feel God's hand in yours, imagine His step completely in sync with yours, and remember you are never alone. 

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