Friday, September 7, 2012

More of Rome!

Today (Friday) is Day 9 in Rome. I have seen and experienced so much that writing this post seems like a daunting task. But here goes nothing!

A few of the highlights:
1. Seeing all 4 of the major basilicas in Rome. They were all massive, beautiful and awe-inspiring.
2. Having a beautiful confession at St. Mary Major (No, this isn't a prideful comment. My sins weren't great or anything, but the priest was so holy!)
3. Seeing Montecassino and Subiaco, two places that our patron, St. Benedict, spent much time in prayer and in community.
4. Going on the Scavi tour and seeing the bones of St. Peter! Yes! His BONES! It was insane!
5. Ordering 1 hamburger and 1 regular fry from McDonald's in Italian!...I got 3 hamburgers instead. I'll work on my pronunciation more.
6. Praying in numerous beautiful churches!
7. Going to adoration at St. John in Laterine, Major Basilica.
8. Singing Praise and Worship music with a few people in St. Peter's Square! So beautiful at night!
9. Tried Pistachio Gelato for the first time! It was sooo good!
10. Having Gelato period has been a highlight.
11. Seeing the tomb of St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Benedict, St. Scholastica and numerous other holy men and women.
12. Spending time with the men and women from BC who have embarked on this adventure with me!
13. Having an audience with the pope! Our very own Papa Benedict XVI.
14. Not having any homework (don't get too jealous, this will change soon)

A few of the negatives: 
1. They don't eat peanut butter here.
2. I miss fresh fruits and vegetables and my mom's healthy cooking.
3. The internet is really sketch (hence why I haven't posted much)
4. Sometimes people on the subway think we are crazy Americans. (I will neither confirm nor deny this fact)
5. I still don't know a lot of Italian.
6. I'm still living out of a suitcase.

But other than these things, I'm having an amazing time! A little look into the next few days: Tomorrow we have a tour of the Vatican Museum. Sunday we have a free day. Monday we move to Florence! So excited to see more of this beautiful country!

Here are more highlights in picture form.

My camera has been overloaded with beautiful things, and it has failed to do most of them justice. (I'll share some pictures, but with the disclaimer that the real thing is so much more beautiful! You will have to see it for yourself one day if you haven't already!)

Saw the Moses statue. 
Chinotto: Typical Italian soda. Tasted like Licorice.
Going into St. Peter's Basilica

Seeing the Pieta in real life! Amazing.

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit falls upon you.
Seeing the Pantheon! It rains inside there. Pretty neat.

Church where St. Catherine of Siena is buried. 

Tomb of St. Catherine of Siena. 

Sitting on the Spanish steps. 

Beautiful Roman Sky.... If only you could see the real thing!

Adorable little girl and Grandma! She brought me so much joy! 

Touring the Colosseum in the rain. 

Look at all those umbrellas! 

Thanks to homeschooling I knew what this said! Thanks, Mom! p.s. Do you see the headless man in this picture? Haha old statues sometimes lose their heads!
Love seeing all the priests walking around this city!

Here is a video of our audience with the Pope!

You are in my prayers! Thanks to those who commented on ideas for pictures! I am in the process of getting those up! I have something fun planned! If you have anymore ideas let me know!


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