Friday, August 31, 2012

Traveling Abroad: Matters of Great Importance

Attention Everyone!

So today when we were strolling through Rome I was taking tons of pictures of buildings, some of them are really cool, some I am in, some are of random people, but I decided I need your help!

I am getting really bored of standing in front of pretty buildings smiling, and I'm not feeling very creative. I need some suggestions of things or ways to take pictures. Things like different poses (ex: hands in the air, making a silly face, etc...), different things you want to see (ex: the Eiffel tower, an Italian dog, etc...), or some other interesting/crazy/ridiculous suggestion.

I don't know what to do with my hands.... 
Post your ideas below in the comment box and every week I will pick the best ones and put them on my blog. Then come check out the picture that you inspired! The credit will be given to the mastermind, of course! So please, help a sister out! Don't worry if you think it is too ridiculous, or I will never do it, or whatever other excuse you can think of, I don't care! Post it! Share the fun :)

I'm hoping that a lot of my viewers will post different ideas and we can keep this photo journal going with participation on both sides! So let's do this! It will be good ;)




  1. Get a mascot! Like Travelocity's gnome or Geico's gecko, you need a little friend to pose with you (or on his/her own) in front of famous places. Alternatively you could "hide" it in the picture and challenge people to find it! Also I'm a fan of the good old smile :D

    1. Hmm... Great idea Meg! I'll look into it. Also, I'm glad you are a fan of the old fashioned smile. =]

  2. Try close up shots of you with the architecture! Or try taking a shot of you looking at say a church or from behind (instead of a front shot of you in front of it). When taking pictures, also try to "frame" a picture with architectural surrounds.
    Hope this has helped! Looking forward to see more pics! :)