Friday, August 24, 2012

Countdown: 40 Hours!


This is it! I'm coming down to the last few hours/days of my time at home (40 Hours to be exact) before I'm off to Europe for a semester abroad! Current activity: Pack! Pack! Pack! and (the other "P") Procrastinate!

I've been trying to pack for the last few days but only today do I really feel like I am gaining headway. My goal is to be done by tonight so that I can just enjoy my last day home, but seeing as I still have to make a Target run that may not happen... Oh well!

The last few days home have been quite pleasant though. I had a wonderful surprise cupcake celebration at work! Went on a hike yesterday with Mom and sibs.. Took sister pics with Julianna this morning (thanks to her friend Anissa!) Had a nice "Farewell" lunch with Dad and Allison today. Now... Time to get down to business!

Current status of my room: MESSY!

Not terrible for a girl packing for 3 months, but still pretty bad by my standards.

For those of you that are wondering, here is the first part of my adventure:

August 27th, 6:55a.m. Arrive in LONDON, England. 

August 30th, Depart LONDON. Arrive in ROME!

September 10th, Depart ROME. Arrive in FLORENCE!

From here on we will be in Florence for most of the time and traveling on the weekends. 
Definitely visiting IRELAND sometime in October for Fall Break and GERMANY at some point (Oktoberfest?). 

More to come. I'll keep you posted with the travels and adventures. Thanks for your prayers! You are in mine!


St. Christopher, St. Nicholas and St. Anthony of Padua, Patrons of Travelers, Pray for us!

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