Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Countdown: Blogging in Europe

288 hours (aka 12 days) till I'm in London! Ah!

I'm realizing how much I'm going to miss BC and Atchi-town as all my friends are heading back to school. I never thought I would say that, but it's true. I'll miss: Wal-Mart runs, late night shenanagens (sp?), the administration, 2nd Street, running up the Division Hill, 4 different daily masses, Sunday Brunch, Prayer Meetings, and the people most of all! The list could go on forever...

I'm getting kinda nervous. Weird. This is how I've described the feeling to a few friends. STORY TIME!:

               When I was 13 my parents took me to California Adventure for my birthday. I wasn't a big roller coaster fan then but they insisted that I go on the HUGE new roller coaster California Screaming. It had an upside down twist to it and I was petrified. I imagined I would just fall out and die while going upside down. Overly dramatic? Yes. But seriously, that's what I thought. The line was super long and for the whole time I was dreading going on this ride. Imagining my death, almost in tears, feeling like I could puke, some would say it was child torture. Finally, we got on the ride and it was over in less than 2 minutes. I survived! Obviously. And I wasn't as petrified of roller coasters after that. Now I'm so glad that they made me go on it and face my fear of roller coasters.

           So what does that have to do with going abroad? Everything! I feel like I'm waiting in a huge line to the airplane that will take me to London. I feel like I'm going to cry sometimes, puke others, and imagine my death still others. It's quite a horrible feeling. But really, I know that it will be amazing once I get there, and I'm going to have a blast! It will be over before I know it! And I'm going to be so glad that I went! Right now I just want to stop waiting and do it!

Pray for me and my stomach =] We could use some peace right now.

Have a great Wednesday!

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