Tuesday, July 10, 2012


One of the big projects/hardest thing I had to do this summer was to fundraise... dun dun dun!

My original problem was that I had the wrong mindset. I didn't want to ask people for money. That's just awkward. (Crazy, most people love money but hates talking about it! Interesting...) But what I really needed was some encouragement and words of wisdom from my good friend Kevin. He reminded me that I am not asking my friends and family for money, but instead I'm asking them to partner with me in this mission, outreaching to college students. To be better equipped I need training (aka School of the New Evangelization)! That's where the money comes in... 

So anyway, thanks to my good friend, I am doing it! I am raising partners in my mission to share the gospel on college campuses! To share life with me and to share the good work that God is doing! It has been a lot better since changing my perspective. I hate to say it, but *Gasp!* I'm starting to enjoy it!?!?!

I am so excited to go to Minnesota and reconnect with all my friends and those I met last summer. Seriously, it was such a rejuvenating 9 days last year and really got me excited about ministry on campus and household life! This year will be different but so good.

As a way to connect with my partners I'm making a prayer intention card for each. You those times when you ask someone what you can pray for them for and they tell you and then you promptly forget. Now I can't forget! I'm so excited to be interceding with my partners as well. It will be a beautiful, prayer-filled year! 

So here is the prayer intention ring that I'm making.... 

 Their name on the front (made all pretty with scrapbooking supplies), and their intentions on the back.
 work in progress... (cheese!)
all the supplies: note cards, 1-hole-punch, scrapbook paper, cutouts, pens, etc., and a expandable ring! 

the finished product! 

It's easy and a fun project to do with your friends (The first one I did was with the sisters of NET team 1! I'm just adding more people to the same ring.)

God bless!

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  1. Mommy and Daddy read your blog and we think it is wonderful. Very colorful and inviting. We are definitely going to be followers ( or "stalkers" as the kids say.) Love you. Mom and Dad.