Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Make it a [lil sibs] Date #2

Sibling [Double] Date #2: Gabrielle, Annemarie, & Michela

Just a Lazy Sunday turned into the perfect day for a date with Gabrielle and Annemarie!

Started out by using all of our Baskin Robbins Gift Cards for a very satisfying and free snack! 

Exhibit A: Two very satisfied girls...

 Exhibit B: Three very satisfied girls...

Exhibit C: My favorite. 

After our {ice cream} adventure we headed to the movie theater to catch "Brave." I'm not big on going to the theater and paying a bundle "for the experience" so this was a big deal. We all really enjoyed the movie though! Towards the end I hear Annemarie sniffling next to me. I couldn't believe she was crying! And then I realized, "Yeah this is really sad! Why am I not crying?" Again, my cold heart inhibited me from crying during a movie. Oh well! She is just much more in touch with her emotions I guess =]

Cute picture, minus the glare. The little brothers were my favorite! 

 Look at my beautiful little sisters! Cute, right?

Well that was the end of our Double [Sibling] Date! It was a ton of fun and I love spending time with them! 

I am really trying to appreciate the time at home with my family. I know that I will not always return to Las Vegas for the whole summer so I'm trying to live in the present (trying). God has given me this time to really invest in my siblings. I need to enjoy every minute of it while we are all here. 

God bless and thanks for reading!

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